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09-27-2003, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by speeds
I've seen people posting that Comrie's value is dropping because it looks like EDM is going to trade him. And I suppose it might.

But only if Lowe lets it by making a trade that doesn't give the Oilers full value back.

If it gets to the point where it's definitely agreed that Comrie will be traded, IMO Lowe cannot buckle to fan pressure if the team starts losing and deal him for a song. He's got to come out with a statement along the lines of " I'm simply not gonna move a player like Comrie for less than full value.", instead of just buckling and moving him.

From NYR, a package around Lundmark and Tyutin may be acceptable, depending on particulars.

What might interest me is a deal with PHX, something like:

Comrie + ??? for Knyazev/Mara and Kolanos/Taffe

assuming PHX would even want comrie after moving a somewhat similar player in Briere last year.

lots of teams have interesting pieces, but I'm not sure many of them would be interested in Comrie.

DET makes some sense, anyof Datsyuk, Zetterburg, Fischer could make sense from an Oilers perspective, though I'd probably be looking for younger than Datsyuk if I could in moving Comrie.

REgardless, the main point I wanted to throw out there is this comrie situation is too important from a value perspective for Lowe to simply move Comrie quickly, for less than full value, simply because the fans are impatient. He absolutely can't let that pressure get to him, not on this one, it is too important and his job is to be able to handle that.
Pho already has one small center in Langkow. They moved Briere to get some size at center, so it si unlikely they would make a maove to create teh problem they just fixed.

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