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Originally Posted by Toonces View Post
Just be patient, you'll get back out there. Knee injuries are tricky to predict, and everyone heals at different rates. Just be sure to listen to your doctor, even if you think they are being overly cautious.

As for your confidence, when you eventually do get back out there, that's another thing that is pretty dependant on the individual. The big test for me was always taking that first big hit. After I would get rocked good, I'd usually be convinced that everything was fine and I'd stop thinking about it.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll recover just fine, just take it slow, and do your rehab religiously.
Excellent advice.

The best way to keep stress off of your knees is to have strong and flexible supporting muscles (quads, hamstrings, etc), and a low body weight. First things first... do your recovery and your rehab. Take it slow, and take it seriously. When you're 100% comfortable and cleared by your doctor, make a point of cutting excess fat (if you have any) and keeping your supporting/stabilizing muscles strong and flexible.

I'm working on rehabbing my knee right now. For the time being, my physiotherapist has me working on range of motion and muscular endurance. I'm busy learning how to do yoga so that I can start working on flexibility and eventually strength through a regiment of biking to work, swimming once or twice a week, and possibly hitting the weights.

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