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03-22-2010, 03:45 PM
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Let's be reality here. Doug Wilson is not the most proactive GM out there. He takes his time to make big decisions like coaching changes. We knew Ron Wilson should've been gone at least a year before he actually was. Now on Todd McLellan's 2nd season, do you really think he's going to fire him mid-season? That would be extremely out of character for him.

Now Doug Wilson's excuse for firing Ron Wilson was sometimes the students need a new teacher even if they're teaching them the same things. Now that the new teacher is there and in general is teaching them the same things and the results are unchanged, if not worse, there's only two places you can put the blame. The players and Doug Wilson.

The chances of Doug Wilson resigning or in some way holding himself accountable in terms of action is remote. He may talk to the media and say some nice things but they don't hold water. The chances of him getting fired even after a 1st round exit is still remote in my eyes. The ownership group didn't fire Dean Lombardi until they tanked a season. While they did improve after his first few years, there were problems with him as a GM that forced a bad season and it was a problem that had occurred prior to the start of the 2002-03 season.

So in reality, there's two, maybe three levels of discussions here. One is the players because you assume neither the coach nor the GM will get canned. One is the coach because it is technically possible but a minute possibility. The third is the GM. We all know every single one of them is a problem in their own right. And SJeasy is right about the whole pedestal thing. However, with DW in charge, that's not going to change because he basically put that out there, especially this off-season.

Now in the present, DW can fire TMac. If not that, DW is pretty much useless. TMac can only do two things. Bench players and manage ice time. If he's unwilling to do that, he is pretty much useless. After that, it simply comes down to the players. The fact is that with all this undisciplined play, nobody in the room has taken control. This is worse than anything under Patrick Marleau's captaincy since JT came here. By far worse and it is bordering on the worst thing that did happen under PM's captaincy just prior to JT's arrival. I think it's about time that people understand and admit that the captaincy thing was never really the problem when it comes to the room. We all know my feelings on where that problem lies.

Now for the purposes of this thread, there are two umbrellas of discussion and it bears pointing out that people should make sure which one they're falling under when it comes to making a comment. One is what SHOULD happen. The other is what WILL happen. This organization is not going to do what it should unless there is a major loss in money (i.e. missing the playoffs). Doug Wilson has no idea what should be done and that should be obvious to all by now. Todd McLellan, I think, knows what should be done but because he's so green, he's got no pull. And besides that, it's true he is stubborn and has his faults and probably should go too but I sincerely doubt it will happen for at least another season. The players, regardless of who's captain, have never taken it upon themselves to change and it's silly to expect them to with everything being what it is.

What will happen, imo, is this. The team will make the playoffs and the owners will be cool with DW. DW will be upset...again. He will make major changes this off-season. Letting everyone go with the exception of maybe Malhotra, Nichol, and Ortmeyer. He will probably make another blockbuster trade involving a goalie and/or defenseman. He will fill the holes after that. He will probably privately inform McLellan that he's on a short leash even though he's never really helped him get the guys he needs for his system. This part is a three-way cycle. Coach should have a system based on the players. GM should bring in players based on the system. Players change but the system and culture don't change at all. This will likely repeat until DW screws up enough in the off-season to miss the playoffs and that's when he'll get the boot and the organization can finally move on.

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