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02-08-2005, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
I ref rec hockey three nights a week, and honestly, if not for the good money, I wouldn't do it. I'm not saying there aren't nice guys and respectable players in these leagues, but there are way to many *******s who think they are the next Making The Cut winners.
i know your pain, man. i want to give it up myself sometimes, and just play, but i make good money and i hate to let down the league guys who were there for me when i really needed the work.

though its boring, sometimes i like reffing the beginners the best. bunch of tripods sliding all over the place - its like they win the cup every time they score. its like me playing golf, i know i suck, so i might as well enjoy myself. intermediates are the the worst, a squirt team could skate circles around them, but they know more than you ever will. i love it when two older guys both try rub each other out, they both fall down at the same time, then look up at you with arms out like "are you even watching this? i was hauled down". and the things you hear as you go by the bench "i was slashed in the neck...this guy is horrible" you were slashed on the shin pad, by your own teamate pal.

i worked in a rink where they videotaped every game, then played it on one of the tv's they had in the bar upstairs. it was a hit, and helped me and the other refs out a ton. guys would come up there pounding their chests about some bertuzzi like play that required suspensions and they couldnt wait to show everyone. of course, you barely noticed it at all on the tape - could see why it happened and that the right call was 9 out of 10 times given. nothing humbles people more than seeing how bad a player they really are on tape. i know it changed how i look at myself. ive played a long time, and still play in pretty good leagues, and i can score. im slow as hell and never bend my knees enough - never really knew how bad till i saw it. all rinks should do that kind of videotaping.

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