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Minnesota Wild Forum - FAQ & Ideas to Improve

Welcome to the Minnesota Wild forum at HF Boards!

We have a few rules and reminders that we'd like to point out:

Please follow the site rules.
They can be found here.

If you have any questions or comments, you can PM any of the mods.
We actively discuss how to keep the boards friendly and with good hockey talk. You can see them in the top right corner of the Wild forum (right above the search).

Trolling is not allowed.
Posting for the sole purpose of starting a dispute, antagonizing other posters, or disrupting the forum is trolling and the post will be deleted.

Flaming is also not allowed.
Personal attacks and insults, even if they are veiled, is flaming and the post will be deleted. You can attack the argument, but not the poster.

The general boards are "neutral." What may be a trolling post on a team board may not be one in the NHL or prospect boards.
The Minnesota forum is slanted towards the team. Same goes with any other team forum; if you decide to post on one that isn't the Wild, be respectful, courteous and remember that it's a board for fans of said team. And posting on other team boards is at your own risk. Expect consequences if you had a bad purpose.

If you see anyone violating the site rules, PLEASE USE THE REPORT BUTTON.
The post will be immediately reviewed by global mods and that will keep some peace and order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Just want to get some thoughtful feedback from people who post here, Wild fans on HF but don't post in this forum for one reason or another and even fans of other teams* about ways to improve HF Wild. Anything you want to see, don't want to see, things that would get more people to post, etc. I enjoy the insightful community that we have built up, but if things can be improved and we can grow larger then I would like to see that happen.

Along with that, here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions about HF Boards and the Wild forum.

#1. How do I embed a Youtube video?
-Use the Youtube tags [yt] and only post the URL part after "v=". Putting the URL link or the HTML code in will not work.

#2. Are there rules on HF Boards?
-As a large forum, of course there are rules to ensure everyone has a positive experience. Please read them here and understand.

#3. Why was my post deleted?
-It either violated a rule or was quoting a post which did. Nevertheless, there was a good reason for it being deleted and do not publicly ask or denigrate the mods for doing their jobs. If you have an issue, please use discretion and PM a mod or admin.

#4. I thought Minnesota was a hockey state. Why are there no Wild fans on HF?
-Don't know you believe that gentle fan, but it's not true. There are plenty of Wild fans on HF; in fact, it's the largest collective of Wild fans on a message board. However there are also other factors which play into the number of online fans. Feel free to read it here.

#5. I want to start a GDT. Are there any guidelines or a list of which posters get which games?
-There are a few guidelines besides the HF rules. Don't troll. Don't post a GDT until the day of the game. Don't post copyrighted material (i.e. the preview outside of lines). Don't waste space. Do list the date, time, station and "GDT" Prefix somewhere in the first post or title. Lines/goalies are nice but not necessary. Do be original and as creative or uncreative as possible.

Other than that, there's no list of games for posters to follow. The first poster to create a GDT did it.

#6. What the **** is up with all the unicorns?
-A poster mentioned how a Wild fan on HF is like seeing a unicorn. The posters sort took the comment and made it their own. Now it's a large inside joke.

#7. _____ is a dick.
-Actually that's not a question, but if you have an issue with a poster or a particular post, report it and someone will take care of it.

#8. Should I start a thread about the Minnesota North Stars?
- No. Click here for the North Stars thread instead!

#9. Where's that epic one man GDT I keep hearing about?
- You can click here to go see it.

*This isn't an opportunity to flame, troll or make fun of the fact that there are few Wild fans on HF Boards (we know). If I feel that is happening, I will be quick to delete your post, ban you from the thread and anything else. You have been warned.

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