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02-08-2005, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Douggy
Thats crazy. I would NEVER play Rec hockey at my local University, but I've never heard complaints about the Adult Leagues.

Do you guys have church leagues where you live? You should sign up for that. Cleanest. Hockey. Ever. :lol
I find that university leagues are cleaner than rec leagues. At my school (University of Western Ontario), we have three divisions: non-contact, comp contact, supercomp contact. This works out well as all the guys who just want to have fun go for non-contact and the more serious players play contact. We will usually only have 1-2 real fights a year and there are about 50-60 teams total so that is pretty damn good compared to even low level rec leagues. Aside from the lack of fighting, there are an equal amount of cheapshots, chirping, and scrums.

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