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03-22-2010, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
You know, even throughout every peice of **** hitting the fan i still have that strange little feeling. The feeling that we have hit that point in the season which makes or breaks us. Is it possible you think that we are still going all the way.

I have that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every team that wins the cup always has a story. Why not ours. Hell, we have no true no1 goaltender through freak injuries, we have lost our star scoring forward, Our rookies seem to have hit the wall, our entire team can't score for ****, and hartnell has been roughly as good as kyle Calder this season.

Is there much else left to go wrong? I mean it's not like this team can suck it anymore. Back to back loses against the thrashers, 40+ shots on goal without reward, a goaltender that likes letting the puck go behind him.

Yet i still think the cup is ours this year. Lets face it, when was the last time you ever saw the flyers do something easy. The flyers seem to pick up their game when they are told that they have no chance. Maybe now it's the time. What do you guys think

*no i'm not functionally *********

oh and leave out the homer abuse, why this team is ****ed ect, no draft picks oh god noooos.
You may want to rethink such statements.

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