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Originally Posted by hoonking View Post
Well in high school a lot of our sports teams do pasta parties. Before games/meets they all go to one person's house and bring pasta to eat.
Im in my senior year of high school and when football was going on we would gather at a persons house that was a senior and usually eat pasta or any type of spaghetti and boy was it good, but as well as the energy.

Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Generally speaking, your body's active fuel source is what you ate anywhere from 24-72 prior to a game.

My primary focus was on not losing a bunch of fluid by puking if I went too hard for too long. One of my dad's old friends was a Navy boiler room operator during WWII, where the temperatures could hit over 150 degrees and a guy could sweat out 5-10% of his body weight in an eight- or ten-hour shift. I asked him how they did it day after day, and he said that they would chug at least three quarts of water before starting their shift....the water would also have a bunch of oatmeal mixed into it so that the body wouldn't reject it.

So before any type of hard exercise, I always had either dry oatmeal with water on the side or prepared oatmeal anywhere from one to three hours beforehand. I never once got sick from exertion after that. Peter Forsberg used to do the same thing, although I don't know if his was superstition or if it was based on the same reasoning.
so i have a question, i have a game on thursday around 8 pm, how would you go about doing the oatmeal? could i mix it with water and just drink it? or is it better to actually make the oatmeal?

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