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09-27-2003, 12:43 PM
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I came across this comment on another site (Flames fan from Edmonton) and thought it was quite interesting. Since there's so many opinions and questions about Comrie... I'll add another one to it.

1) I stand by my previous statement that this has to be one of the most sporting mad cities on the planet. 44,000 for the CFL, the Golden Bears draw tremendous attendence, and oilers fever has struck.

2) Comrie is on the verge of being done here in Edmonton. Everyone knows he took advantage of a loophole to get his first contract and public sentiment is most definately on the oilers side. When you think about it, this is a city that saw Gretzky, Moog, Fuhr, Messier, Kurri, Coffey, Anderson walk out (all potential hall of famers) and then a series of other all star players go out as well - Arnott, Poti, Weight, Simpson, Huddy, Ranford, Joseph, carter. Comrie is just another name. The fans have been de-sensitized to stars leaving and would rather see the team benefit that one player. Comrie is seen as living with a silver spoon in his mouth and few are willing to overlook that and concentrate just on hockey. If Comrie re-signs, it will be just a delay of the inevitable trade. It is reaching the threshold of where Poti and Arnott were at - that being every time they touch the puck they get booed. Fans were especially relentless on Poti.

3) Hero making. Georges Laraque is the most popular player in the city. He does Power 92's Saturday morning countdown, and has been the face for a remarkably successful literacy program in schools (grant fuhr has also been involved). I was drinking with some teachers last weekend and without exception they said the reports of Laraque coming to the school was an awesome experience for the kids and really charged them up for reading. Laraque is more important to the franchise than Ryan Smyth, Tommy Salo or any other player on the team.

4) The media up here can cross the line into propaganda pom pom waiving pretty quick, however some of the articles on here labled as drive bys or a tactic by Lowe are legitimate enunciations of what the call in shows, water cooler and pub talk is around town. People have huge expectations of Brad Isbister. Ricky Ray is the newest incarnation of Warren Moon. The Golden Bears football program sucks. etc etc. This is important to consider especially in the Comrie situation. In fact if you bring up the Brick to someone in conversation, it usually flips immediately over to a negative comment about Comrie and his contract demands .... interesting to see if it actually affects the bottom line.