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02-08-2005, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine4LIFE
I think a lot of us could agree if we had ever gotten into the playoffs we would have caused some damage....just think all our superstars playing at 110% in the SAME game
We heard that mantra during the 7 non-playoff years. "If the Rangers get into the playoffs, they can do a lot of damage". My rebutal is that the team could not do "some damage" against Pittsburgh in a game that meant everything for the playoffs. What is it that makes you think that any "damage" could have been had in the playoffs? If the Rangers were really such a dangerous team, then they would have found a way to sneak into the 8th spot just one of those years. They could not and did not. Why? Because the team was just not good enough no matter how many broken down former superstars were added.
And, speaking of "damage", playoffs are a different game. What you need in the playoffs is unselfishness, good defense, and solid goaltending. All things that the Rangers were lacking. Had they somehow snuck into the playoffs, playing an antiquated Edmonton-hey day era pond hockey would have found them swept out of the first round.

"Sometimes we have to take risks in order to get the the good stuff. We got unlucky and it didnt turn out for the best with us. Its like drafting a star that had gotten a concussion int he past (like Malkin i believe) its a risk but the Pens still took the chance."

It was blatanlty obvious that the team needed to be gutted and rebuilt after 1997. Risks you can take if you have a foundation. The Rangers had no foundation. Taking a risk on a high-end prospect who has had a concussion whey you are Pittsburgh is not the same thing as taken a broken down player by a team that cannot find a way to sneak into the 8th spot.

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