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09-27-2003, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by monkey_00
I agree with you there but who do you think would want to have Aki Berg on their hockey club?
A fair number of teams IMHO.
He's still young and has potential to improve as he's only 26yrs old, while nearing his athletic prime.
He'd come fairly cheaply, while offering size and a bit of pysical play.
Hardly a standout, but he's a perfectly suitable #6 D-Man with a small upside.

I havent been big on the idea of signing Klee, and I'm still not thrilled with it but it doesnt seem as though our younger D-Man are ready to step up.
Given that it's only a 1yr deal it should be a respectable signing.
He's a good third pairing D-Man in my mind, though on the Leafs he'll likely slot in one the second line.

I'm pleased that all of our acquisitions have been 1yr deals, it sets us up nicely for post-CBA while opening up room for any younger guys that may be ready to step up.

Still a below average defence, but markedly better then it was.
What I wouldnt give to see the Leafs acquire a solid top two guy...

Does anyone have any idea on the terms of the contract?

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