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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
Hockeyfan68 posted some videos of him shooting in his backyard a while back.

First off the guy's a tank and I'd be afraid if he ever lined me up... and secondly he's got a pretty hard shot. I wouldn't call it NHL-calibre hard but it's a pretty hard shot nonetheless.
I need to make a new video because my torn bicep was still healing in that video and it was the first day shooting pucks 4 weeks after it had happened. It felt "twingey" until another 2-3 weeks or so after that video was made.

I can shoot as hard as usual now and should make another video. I posted that video in combination while mentioning that I was not shooting as hard as I can in it is my point. It was posted in my injury thread first and is all I have for a shooting video at the moment so it surfaced in other threads.

Thanks for the compliment on it but the shot in the video was subpar to what I can really shoot.

Yeah I have an ego about it, when you play with players who are very good and they tell you at a game or during warmup it is good with a verbal whoo or man I wish I could do that .... well you feel good about it. There is nothing like the drug of putting one in off the pipe with a high pitched "PING" and knowing how hard it just was. Many times I have seen people start to shoot their slapper after I shoot a couple to see how it compares like I started a competition by accident.

I have broken many plexiglas panels over the years with it and I can back up any claim I am making here about it. I just have that as a gift and could shoot them when I was little too. At almost 42 years old I may have a little bit of it but it still goes pretty good. I play defense and sometimes score 3 or 4 goals using the half slap from the point as the beer league doesn't allow slappers in full swing. I still shoot those harder than many shoot their slapshot in the recreational beer league caliber of things. I can hear sometimes on the other team's bench "Boy that guy has a great shot" after shooting one.

But anyway I posted about that in this thread because I shoot hard enough and am strong enough to break sticks and do not and I attribute it to great shooting mechanics and using the correct flex. I feel that is the most important factor in dealing with stick breakings. I simply do not have it happen to me for "whatever" reason.

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