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09-27-2003, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by brucegarrioch
I guess you are the same Glen from that site. As I posted over there, I don't know the difference between scalping and selling tickets. To me, you did nothing wrong and it was probably a misunderstanding because of the "premium" price that was added. Although that is a Senators feature. My suggestion is to PM that board administrator or the moderators and they will give you a straight answer. If you are unable to, I will gladly PM them for you and pass along the response.
Thanks big guy. They deleted my posts (and whole threads too) as requested, so no problem with that. Since I don't understand their posting rules (or undocumented rules) on ticket selling I'm going to stay away from that one and use HF marketplace instead.

I plan to delete this thread here too if nobody has a problem with me doing that. Please let me know by midnight EST saturday if I shouldn't, and moderators feel free of course to delete it earlier.

Edit: Just in case anybody reading this thread has misunderstood - the Senators (not me) charge a premium of 20% on Leafs, Wings, and Avs games (since Leafs game sell out anyways, and Wings and Avs only play one game all year here), and 10% on Habs games. So my selling price is a fair bit below the Senators premium prices.

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