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03-23-2010, 11:46 AM
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Please excuse my slight inaccuracy in my positional description, Staal moved in behind him and the left/rights were from my view lol.

Either way, I stand by what I said.
Terms such as "team" "cycle" and "head on a swivel" are a reality in this game, except when the R&R (and now G) boys are on the ice.
Staal manned the guy near the net. I blame Staal the least actually because his man was capable of the least.
Rozsival had the best seat in the house, not bodying anyone-watching the puck carrier-not moving his head to check around the net-his feet shuffled a couple feet though....
Watch it again a few times over, does it look to anyone else that the only guys not to be blamed are Callahan, Staal, and of course Hank???
Prospal could've been somewhere else i guess
Rozy floating around doing the usual and Drury should've been low immediately.

Save all your RD and LD for reading the roster. Doesn't hold too much water while the game is being played (correctly).

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