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03-23-2010, 01:27 PM
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For me it is when I see that kid who has natural puck/hockey smarts. He sees the ice better than the others and isn't a puck hog.

I played hockey with a kid about 8 or 9 years old yesterday who was as good as many teen players. Give and gos, dump ins and forecheck when he had no pass at the blueline. the little things he did well .... he was either coached very well or he is just gifted and "gets it".

He had a good shot for his age but he is still small and wasn't a real hard slapshot, he was roofing shots and making skilled plays shooting however. I can just imagine when this kid gets muscles and height. They were hard shots for 8 years old.

Compare that to playing with teens who toe drag everything and try to hold onto the puck as long as possible and ending up losing it 90% of the time because they become easy pickings for forecheckers by holding onto it too long regardless of their individual skills.

Hockey is a passing team game and those players who get that excel while the others do not even though they may have more skill they are hockey stupid. Less is more with most everything as evidenced by the overly CGIed movie 2012! Horrible movie that looked great.

There is NO need for a young player to fiddle diddle in a phone booth "just because he can" while his teamates are stopped at the blueline waiting for a pass that should have come 10 minutes ago. Selfish BAD hockey bugs me.

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