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03-23-2010, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
I am not calling anyone out specifically, but collectively as a whole they don't have what it takes, IMO. They don't give half-assed efforts because they lack a 3rd line C. Goaltending is an eye sore now, but they were given adequate goaltending throughout the season. The problem right now is this team has been trying to coast by on talent alone since the Olympic break. It has been a running theme for two years and has lasted through a coaching change. It's time to question whether this is the right mix of players.
I think the half-assed efforts thing (at least under Lavi) is severely overplayed. Look at the last game we lost where we outshot the ATL 45-31 and lost because Boosh **** the bed.

We are 6th in shots allowed per game and 7th in shots for per game, so I think we're doing something right on that front. We're also 5th in blocked shots and you don't get to that kind of stat without some serious commitment by the whole team.

After that general run we went on before the Olympic break, a lot of people's expectations got a bit too high IMO. As many of us pointed out at the time, without a training camp, this team wasn't going to grasp Lavi's system until next year and I really think the Olympics hurt us in this regard.

Since we've gotten back, we've been struggling with Stevens-esque problems. Neutral zone turnovers, lack of aggressiveness on the forecheck, passivity in the defensive zone, and a really poor breakout.

I don't think you can play for a horrible coach for 3 years and then suddenly eradicate all of those problems in 50 odd games without the benefit of a training camp.

I think this general core has what it takes, but we need a real 3rd line, a real goalie, and an offseason and training camp with Lavi.

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