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03-23-2010, 01:47 PM
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Oh, the bipolarity of this board!
- "Dump those bloated contracts for whatever we can get for 'em!!!"
- "Improve our 3rd line with a proven veteran!!!"
- "Get a franchise goalie ... but don't trade anyone of value!!!"
- "Get a veteran goalie as insurance!!!"
- "Trade everyone!!!"
* Please note I'm overgeneralizing on purpose and am not picking on any one poster.

The Flyers had their chance to rebuild after the lost season, and Holmgren tore the door off the vault. He compressed rebuild into a single off-season, and has been reacting to this ever since. We fans reaped the benefits of it the very next season with a top-4 playoff finish, but it destabilized the franchise capwise for years to come.

How about the GM tries to stop being so reactionary and actually make a few well-conceived deals when he's not in an obvious state of need? Talk with other GMs this off-season about pretty much everyone, and see what the potential returns are. I think Simon Gagné, sentimentality and NTC aside, is the perfect candidate to garner a decent return while creating some cap space.

IMHO, Ericsson is the desired franchise G of the future, but we need only remember Maxime Ouellet as a reminder how plans can go awry really fast. While Ericsson is being groomed, Holmgren should be lining up plans B, C and D. I'd like to see Leighton for a cheap 1-year contract next year, to see if he really is putting it together, splitting duties with someone like Ellis or another better-than-decent G starter who won't cost $6 million a year.

And how about squeezing more out of the scouting staff? It's poor asset management to be seeking the flavour of the season (eg, Halak) all the time. The scouts should be putting names in Holmgren's inbox who have better-than-average chances of breaking out. Hopefully, the recent college-level deals of late are evidence of just this point. Get them and make sure they are in the best training environment possible with the Phantoms, which means demanding superior coaching and attitude training.

Given the number of long-term contracts, the Phantoms should be the primary source of low-cost, high-ceiling players for the 3rd and 4th lines.

Finally, yes, pour money into the medical staff (thanks, BWAVgal!). Their botch-ups are things of legend with this team, and I count the protracted injury situation with Emery among them.

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