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02-08-2005, 08:57 PM
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NHL - Mark Messier - Leader Champion & Legend (Collector's Edition)

Found this on amazon. I am into DVD's i got quit a few and basically I get any hockey I can find. So for those of you into DVD's this might be a nice pickup when released I know I will pick it up along with whatever other NHL videos I can find here on right now I am currently waiting for a movie I ordered called " meet the feebles" when it arrives I will order a couple NHL dvd's.

"NHL - Mark Messier - Leader Champion & Legend (Collector's Edition)"

The ones I dont have that i will order cause they are cheaper on amazon are The "Minesotta Wild dvd" and "NHL: Lord Stanley's Cup - Hockey's Ultimate Prize (2000) DVD "- hosted by Dennis Learey

Not that i can really find any hockey i have found some stuff but not alot just the basic the MInn Wild I saw at best Buy.

Also which is cool and Im not a DET fan and I most likely wont buy is, but I do think about it from time to time i will probably buy it adventually. :

they are doing the original six I think . Hopefully NYR is next i would get that with out a doubt the first day it came out, its a 16 hour box set , weel the DET one so I assume all will be the same.

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