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02-08-2005, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Pred303
good lord..i go on to read ecklund's hockey rumor blog( there is ecklund responding directly to our own handtricks questions and email...jeezus as if this guy handtrick isn't already power mad and nuts enough :lol

handtrick,now that's you're internationally famous(or should that be infamous?)..will you still post with the likes of us?...or will you be starting your own blog?...can see it all now,...."hockey rumors and opinions according to"

man i feel like i now know a celebrity,and just think i knew you when you were just a nobody!
all in a day's work, my friend, all in a day's work.....just trying to keep him pointed in the right direction
between that and crime fighting on the other board with your buddies Old Hickory and all gets pretty exhausting.....
come to think of it....I haven't heard from Mase for a while in Norway.....I had better check in with him

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