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02-08-2005, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Master of Puppets
Hate to inform you folks of this but if the owners create a new NHL they will be sued and jailed.

Sued and jailed by whom?

What are they bound to?

If the players do not want to accept the working conditions, thereby resulting in the billions of dollars lost for the owners and the league, what kind of laws would the owners have their hands tied to?

I'm sure the governments do not like this lockout(except the Euro governments). They are losing out on lots of money too. Everybody is against the NHLPA and the sooner they come down from their high horses, we can get back on the ice, with whatever league they form.

But in all reality, they will not change the NHL. The players change, but not the NHL. The NHL will live longer than the players, no player is bigger than the game.
That is why everyone should side with the league and the owners, they have to worry about giving the game to our kids. The players are here today, gone tomorrow.

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