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02-08-2005, 10:47 PM
DJ Spinoza
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
When younger, I was hoping he might develop a slight power game. But it hasn't been the case. I haven't seen him this year but based on everything else so far, he doesn't look like he'll be a physical presence.

His development has been a downer for me. I thought he had many tools, a nice upside and could be farther ahead by now.

What does he look like this year? On track to be a NHLer?
I wouldn't say so.

I had high hopes for Beech when we acquired him. That was back in my first year or two of really following hockey (I was 13 or 14), and I had kind of heard of Beech.

He kind of has the tools to have a slight power game like you say, but he just doesn't do it with any regularity in the NHL. He's been a typically good AHL player, except he has very little discipline.

To succeed in the NHL, he needs to be more physical, to put it simply. He has the talent, but isn't the type of player who can avoid physical play and make all kinds of set ups. I think that he gets away with it a little more in the AHL, but it won't fly in the NHL.

I don't really have any NHL hopes for him. But if he is to succeed in the NHL, IMO he will have to initiate contact and score goals and set up people in high traffic areas.

From what I've seen of him in the NHL, he isn't and doesn't show many signs of being that kind of player.

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