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Originally Posted by james bond View Post
Head Coach, are you in the rink business, have you opened up rinks-programs before?
Sorry for the late response. I just got back from a consulting gig for a rink in Texas. This is what I do! I develop program for rink owners/hockey youth groups. Generally there is a small consulting fee involved. But, in the spirit of a shi**Y economy, I would be more then happy to advise you on programming. You can check out this link on my site for some info.

Once you are up and running, I will send you a like to a blog where I wrote an article on "How to build a youth program from the ground Up!" I fly out of my office tomorrow for another consulting gig on the east coast tomorrow, so I will not be at my desk until Friday. If you have any questions, send me a PM.

Head Coach

PS: Go down to you main public library. There you might find a computer that is linked to the National data base for foundations. I went to my local library two years ago to look up foundation that would give me money for my daughter opera program. While I was there, for sh**s and grins, I plugged in hockey into the database for foundations that support hockey programs. It came up with a long list of foundations that would be willing to help in the area of hockey. It's just a matter of you going to the library and investing the time!

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