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03-23-2010, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
I think it depends on how you are coming in on the goalie. I can shoot off of both feet, I am right handed so if I am coming in on the goalie, I will take a quick shot and most of my weight will be on my right foot (like in my picture) and like these pictures

But you should also practice shooting with your shoulder facing the goal, this is the most powerful wrist shot, because you have more room to pull the puck back, and you use your muscles in a different way (different body position)

I just got a radar gun so I will let you know the difference in speed between the two shooting positions. I also touched on that in the video I shot earlier, i'll post it in a few days
I can shoot both ways also and prefer the on the wrong foot mark messier shot like you pictured. Like you, I too already know how to shoot in every way possible.

The guy is learning wristhooting though and should learn it properly FIRST to eliminate bad habits. Being able to shoot a wristshot the correct way so he can learn proper weight transfer since it will apply to just about every other shot he will learn including the backhander. He isn't trying to get a quick shot on goal he is in his backyard and trying to shoot one the proper way with lots of power.

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