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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
Just to expand on this... I have been using ST's 100 flexes for years with good results in both feel and durability. (I shorten the shaft an inch and a half so the flex is probably around 115).

I decided to test a lighter flex, and cheaped out and bought a Easton SE model. It is a 85 flex, cut the same way, so probably around a 100 flex now. results are not perfect, because I went from a high end stick built for durability and power to a lower end stick built for a fast release. But results do have some merit.

The SE's blade got soft very fast, if I twist it with my hands I can hear the fibers creaking. The shaft lost it's spring quickly too.

My conclusion, the SE is not for me, and I should not have tried to save a buck. The lower flex stick with the limited duability equaled into a stick that
had no durability and much less accuracy, even when new.
Actually, the SE is a "higher" end model, albeit an older version. Keep in mind that higher performance typically means lesser durability.

Basically from lowest to highest(All are "Top of the line":
Original Synergy => Synergy ST
Synergy SL(superlight) => Synergy SE => Synergy SE16
Original Stealth(05) => Stealth CNT => Stealth S17 => Stealth S19

There will be an update to the SE16 appearing in the NHL in the playoffs and/or next season.

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