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03-24-2010, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Areid1990 View Post
Calgary is the same as Edmonton pretty much from what Raggs was saying.

Usually each community has a rink or 2 and they are maintained usually by the people who run the community center or something. The one I go to is fairly well maintained and get's flooded often when it's cold enough. If it snows they guy will go over it once or twice a day with a tractor and they even made a little rink outside the boarded rink where people can skate around if they don't want to play Hockey.
****, in Regina outdoor rinks are just located in various school yards, and the city floods em, and that that for the season. haha but maybe there is one crown jewel ive yet to check out?

the rinks are completely playable all winter, but by the time December January comes, there a **** ton of snow building up around the boards, and there's only one shovel there, and most of us will forget.

I wish more people wined about it, then maybe the city would get off their ass and put some sort of maintenance plan in motion.

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