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02-09-2005, 09:51 AM
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Wow... I can't believe I mentioned Caissie before mentioning Derek Cormier...

My first year of high school I was trying out for the high school team and the Bantam AAA team at the same time... I made both teams but chose to play Bantam AAA instead because I had the starting spot there and would have been backup to a grade 12 in high school (goaltender)... But when I tried out for the high school team there was one player named Derek Cormier that was incredible... and he just kept getting better and better... unfortunately, the guy was very small... I'd guess he was only about 5'6, but solid for his size... Lightning speed, amazing hands, a wicked shot... Smart as hell on the ice... His size really held him back... After playing high school he played Tier II in Moncton and set the league record for points in a season (since eclipsed by a guy I played with, Deny Gaudet)... He then went to play for the University of New Brunswick where he put up over a point and a half per game, which is very good for university hockey... Then he went to Europe and he's done very well for himself over there... Despite the fact that doesn't list him as still playing, as far as I know he is still playing in Europe... He'd be about 32 now but man, if Bell's Making the Cut would have been around about 7 or 8 years ago, this is a guy that seriously could have competed for one of those draft picks... He was a dynamite player...

One final note about Derek... I used to teach at Rollie Melanson's Goalie School here in Moncton and Derek was one of the shooters that would come out to help us out... Every day at lunch we (the instructors) would take to the ice to stop some pucks ourselves and kind of "show off" for the kids... Each Friday, Rollie would step on the ice to do the same at lunch... He would always put up a great showing and nobody could usuable beat him... Remember, at the time, this is a guy that was a year removed from being Patrick Roy's backup in Montreal, so he was no slouch... Anyways, this one Friday that Derek was there, we were all out taking shots, mainly breakaway competitions, and we were all putting on a good show... Rollie steps onto the ice and takes about 20 breakaways back to back and stops all 20... The guy looks incredible in net and nobody could beat him... Everyone goes to the bench for a 5 minute break to get some water into us and stuff and then we start up again... This time, Derek steps onto the ice too... He lines up 6 pucks at center and comes in on Rollie 6 times on breakaways... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... wow... first 5 breakaways he scores on Rollie... Derek goes back to get the 6th one and starts coming down on the last breakaway... He approaches the front of the net with the puck out in front of him.. let me explain to you forwards out there... goaltenders are taught that a player with the puck in front of him cannot shoot without pulling the puck to his side... it's a no brainer that if the shooter has the puck directly in front of him, he is going to deke... So, Derek gets close with the puck in front of him... Rollie sees this and reads the deke is coming so when Derek gets close enough, Rollie drops to his knees and attempts a poke check... Derek pulls the puck back so that it is directly between his feet and then flips the puck into the air, off the crossbar and in, over Rollie's shoulder by using the tip of his blade... Rollie fell to his @ss and just looked over at us with a "wtf" type of look... he was stunned... Derek beat Rollie on 6 breakaways in a row and then made him just look silly with a wicked move on the 6th one... it was amazing...

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