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03-24-2010, 09:58 AM
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I'd actually disagree with the posters above and say that you should practice shooting from all angles (facing forward, left shoulder close, right shoulder close) and off both feet.

In a game situation, the defenders aren't going to wait until you set up on your back foot for the shot and align yourself perfectly. And when you're skating in on the rush, you don't exactly want to twist your body sideways and plant your skates.

Watching the video, the big things you want to do is better transfer your weight and bring the puck back further before you shoot. I'm not sure how big the shooting board you have is, but as beavboyz said, you want the puck on the blade as long as possible for accuracy and velocity. And try taking a step or two before you shoot to get the forward momentum and weight transfer.

Here are the steps I visualize when I take a wrist shot:
- start moving my body forward to build that momentum
- drag the puck along with me behind my body
- launch myself off my back foot (whichever foot that may be)
- lean on my stick slightly while pulling the puck towards me
- when the puck crosses my body, pull back hard with my top hand while pushing my bottom hand
- snap wrists/forehand right as I release the puck
- point towards the target on the follow through

The forward momentum and weight transfer are fairly self-explanatory, but I find this video is helpful to explain the push-pull mechanism of the wrist shot:

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