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03-24-2010, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Winger23 View Post
It was icing man. You can't have players driving guys through the boards on icing calls. I understand Greene lost an edge. Tucker should not have been making contact in the first place, he should have been attempting to play the puck first to prevent the icing call. During the replaces they even have a camera focused in on the linesman yelling at the players its going to be icing.

I don't think it was a dirty play, and again don't think it warrents a suspension if its not on an icing call.
I am aware that it was icing and saw the same broadcast and actually agree with everything but your last sentence.

I think Tucker got this suspension because of his reputation and the timing of the head shot rule. I think it this had been a guy like Zetterberg involved with Greene, there wouldn't have been a suspension.

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