Thread: Confirmed with Link: Vancouver Canucks sign Prab Rai
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03-24-2010, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by hefsbeaver View Post
I agree that he probably would not have made it. My point is that I want my players to have enough heart to try and turn a bad situation around. Most of the players you named left within a year so if he stays and works hard he becomes a top line player. In saying all of that I do not believe at the time that the coaching staff in PG would have done anything for anyone. I am not saying it was a bad personal reason just saying I would like my players to show more character and work through hardships not just quit when the going gets tough. Had he stayed he would have been on a line with Conelly and been very productive.
IMO that isn't realistic for the majority of "people" out there. Keep in mind that we're not talking about a blue-chipper here - he's a young hockey player trying to create a career for himself, and like the overwhelming majority of such players, they need things to fall into perfect situations for them to achieve those goals.

Rai was much more likely to not have been drafted had he stuck it out in PG, and when you're already starting from a disadvantaged spot (not being a bluechipper), he needs every advantage he can create to just have a shot at making it. Again we're talking about a kid trying to make a career coming in as a long-shot. This isn't the same as an everyday NHLer who demands a trade to another team because he doesn't like the situation he's in.

And it's not about character. Not that I know Rai and can comment on his character accurately... just with this situation, without knowing *all* the facts and options he had, it's just not fair at all to question his character when the decision made was critical to whether he still had a chance to earn a playing career - at any level.

Now, in hindsight, there's no doubt that he made the right choice for himself and his career. He's earned being drafted, earned a contract and now a shot at making it, after being moved to a team that put him in the right situations to develop as a player, which he wasn't getting in PG. Meanwhile, over in PG, how's their program been looking?

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