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02-09-2005, 02:58 PM
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Probably more like this....

**Ring** **Ring**

Bettman: Hello?
Goodenow: Hey Gary, it's me know what day it is today?
Bettman: Um, President's Day?
Goodenow: You've forgotten haven't you?!
Bettman: Is it St Patrick's Day already?
Goodenow: I can't believe you, you said you'd remember!
Bettman: Remember what?
Goodenow: This relationship is on the rocks, I want a divorce!
Bettman: Hang on a sec Bob, whatever I did I'm sure we can work it out
Goodenow: Bobby [Hull] Would never treat me this way!!!


Bettman: Bob?
Daly: Who was that Gary?
Bettman: It was Bob, sounds like our relationship is on the rocks
Daly: S'ok Gary, plenty more fish in the sea
Bettman: Yeah, but without Bob I'm not going to get half the invites...

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