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02-09-2005, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by AG9NK35DT8
i agree with most everything you said, my main concern is Blackburn being able to play at the NHL level with out a glove. IMO you need a glove at the NHL noif and or buts about it. And it is quit a shame as i ben higher on Blackburn than I have been Lunds, Holt, even Montoya. The kid Blackie is and was a real talent a top in the NHL goalie the others maybe top 15. Lets hope his body can adjust to the blaocker and the movemnet cause if he wants to play at the NHL level he will need a glove maybe a good 20 or so games in he gives a try with the glove hand.

IMO I also think this extra blocker thing might just be there to get his arm in shape and its a bit of a wrok out just getting him to move it all over the place, im sure adventually he will try a glove, I dont think NYR managment plans on having blackie play a whole career with 2 blockers I highjly doubt that.
The word from John Davidson is the muscle that he would use for a glove is toast and irrepairable. He either becomes an NHL goalie with two blockers or he is done as an NHL prospect. He won't convert from the two blockers back to having a glove.

One other thing. On the inside of one of the blockers is a smaller type of glove. What if instead of using the catcher, he used the small glove to trap the puck against the other blocker. You could get the same number result of rebounds or close to. I think overall the percentage goes up for rebounds but any way to control if you need the faceoff, it could be simple to deflect the puck in the crowd, which would essentially do the same thing as catching the puck.

I think Dan would have to revolutionize how to make the position as effective. I am interested and hopeful that he makes a solid run at an NHL return.

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