Thread: Confirmed with Link: Vancouver Canucks sign Prab Rai
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03-24-2010, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by NathansPost View Post
Are people really questioning his decision to leave Prince George? Take Edmonton, remove the mall, shrink it down and add a rotten-egg odor caused by carcinogens into the air and you've got Prince George. If anything I applaud him for the decision.
Originally Posted by KJP View Post
Nobody's disagreeing with you on that point, apart from possibly Mr. 'investigate 9-11'.

Prince George is a festering ****-hole with a moribund junior hockey team run by a cruddy owner and clueless GM, but Rai could have handled that situation better. He came off as a brat.
Alright, I have to stop you guys right there. Not only are you both sounding incredibly rude but ignorant too. I was born in Vancouver, grew up there, moved to Prince George, moved back to Vancouver for school, and am finally back in PG. I would chose Prince George over metro-Vancouver any day of the week. Maybe you guys should shut up and respect the north. Thanks. I could say a lot worse things about Surrey.
Now, the junior team, yeah, that's kind of a mess.

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