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03-24-2010, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
HF, I noticed that distinction between the old-style and new-style wrist shot.

That older method of using almost pure weight transfer and push-pull leverage seems to work well with short, stiff sticks (like when everyone used woodies cut below the chin) and keeping the hands pretty close together.

The more modern method is a lot closer to a snap shot, relies more on loading the stick and is more useful with longer flexible sticks and keeping the hands further apart (see Ovechkin's photos).

It took a while for me to differentiate and isolate the wrist from the snap shot, but in the end I still shoot almost fully with snappers. It was very helpful to learn the push-pull and wrist snap and incorporate that into my shot, got the velocity and accuracy up, and every now and again I still break my shot down to tweak and improve it (usually in the summer).
I'm trying to recall if I do that anyway while playing. I never really think about mny shooting when playing these days. Funny huh? I'm sitting here trying to remember how I shoot .... I'm pretty sure i am oldschooling it but may have adapted automatically when I switched to a composite from wood.

I'm playing tomorrow afternoon and I will check it out then. This stuff is goofy.

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