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03-25-2010, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
So I set the radar gun up today and shot 10 pucks from each different wrist shot type, shooting as if I am skating in on the goalie my max was 49MPH and when transfering my weight onto my front foot or the "standard" way of shooting my max was 56MPH so a 7MPH (12 KMH) difference. A pretty big speed diference for a small change

I also almost always practice shooting as if I am skating in on the goalie, I don't do any workouts or conditioning, but I am starting a slapshot challenge soon so I will be seeing how hard I can get my slapshot and I think that would tranfer over to shot speed.
To Jarick, the standard way of taking a wrist shot does take slightly longer to set up, but you basically just need to lead with the foot furthest from your stick, and twist your body a bit in order to pull the puck across your body, rather than keeping your chest pointed towards the goalie and pulling the puck from behind you. By pulling the puck across your body you are using your muscles more effectively, the puck is on the blade of your stick a bit longer and ... more power

I put it all on video today, just need a few days put it together.
I wish I had a radar gun, does yours seem accurate to you from your testing?

Can I enter a slapshot challenge? I do not have a radar gun and wish I did. I have always been very curious to my mph on my shot.

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