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09-27-2003, 02:02 PM
Mathieu Lavergne
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Add me to the anti-perreault gang. I saw JV lurking on the board lately, I expect him to come back before the start of the season.

Originally Posted by HiggsFan
I just can't see him centering the last two lines.
Well my friend, he was on a third line in Los angeles and Toronto, more than half of his career.

Perreault doesn't depend on his teammates. Why should we give Perreault big two-way wingers who can score? Every center in the league can be sucessful with theses kind of players and Perreault doesn't depend on his teammetes and doesn't use their strenghts as well. Hell, he was very good playing with Berezin & Korolev in Toronto. Perreault should be playing with forward who can pass the puck and play well defensively, someone like Sundstrom is an excellent fit.

Perreault should receive third line minutes + PP time, 14-15 minutes a game.

Perreault is an offensive third liner and faceoff specialist. If he is a so solid 2nd liner, why does he need to fight with a fringe NHLer like Ribeiro?
Bonk, Langkow, Lang, Nylander, Brind'amour etc don't need to fight for their spot against fringe NHLer, their spots are given and don't have to worry come training camp.

He is the best player in the faceoff circle in the NHL, it is a fact but it doesn't seperate a 3rd liner from a 2nd liner. The only top-6 ability he has is a great wrist shot and he has decent point totals comparable to a second liner. His offensive stats don't overweight his defensive shortcomings, though. I don't know any 2nd liner having only one aspect in their game being top 2 line material.

He is slow, soft,small, streaky, has no intensity, doesn't go in the corners & don't play defense, isn't playing in a system well. All he does is playing positional offensive hockey and being good on faceoffs. He gets dominated almost everytime he plays against the opponent's top 2 line.

Perreault don't play pk and I believe playing a lot on ther PK can slighly affect your +/- as a lot of goals are scored a few seconds after the end of a penalty.

Perreault shoud be a tool like Andy Delmore, not a top-6 forward, something he is not anyway. He is an offensive and faceoff specialist that should be used as an offensive third liner.

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