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09-27-2003, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by thor dyck
I was thinking today about the 3 day cooling off period lowe had after game 6 last year. He was truly pissed at something and I am now starting to think that the "something" was comrie. Lowe would play the game at his highest level even if he had a broken rib (he did once, the oiler trainer ken lowe once said kevin had the highest pain threshold he had ever seen). Comrie did not exert himself in the playoffs. Whatever his strengths or weaknesses, Lowe will never forgive that.

A story for the younger people here. Early 80's, oilers vs islanders in the finals in new york. The oilers are a much better team but they lose. After the penultumate game, the oilers are hanging around and they happen to walk by the islander dressing room. Every key guy is in there barely able to walk. The oilers are in perfect health and feeling fine. Gretzky looks to lowe and says "that is the difference, skill is ok but guts win" (paraphrased)

I am guessing that lowe knows what he wants and comrie isn't it. Your best player has to be your best player when it counts. That is why he drafted stoll and traded for torres. That is why he dumped dopita so quick. That is why york is an oiler and poti isn't. That is why he draft he pouliot who played hard for the worst team in the chl.
That is imo also why he traded Carter, Hamrlik, Weight, Guerin without huge regret. Not just guts but attitude. Carter & Hamerlik (sp) wouldn't do whatever had to be done Weight was dominant or invisible and Guerin nothing but trouble in the dressing room. The problem for me is whether or not this team can afford players with the skill and all the other attributes that it takes to win. Hard work and talent will beat hard work every time even though hard work will beat talent half the time. (Even the Flames win some games. I agree with you though that for whatever reason Lowe has decided that Comrie is more trouble than he is worth and I agree with whoever it was that compared his style to NJ. That is the type of team Lowe is trying to build.

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