Thread: Confirmed with Link: Preds Sign Ryan Thang to 2 yr ELC
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03-25-2010, 09:49 AM
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Attended games and saw Thang once or twice each season in person, and then maybe an additional 8-10 times a year on TV depending on their opponent---not a whole bunch, but still a fairly good size sample. His career at ND reminds me of Legwand: you thought he could be a scorer when drafted and then over time he lost his scoring touch and became a primarily a defensive player. From what I remember from the Preds when he was drafted, I don't think this is the player they thought they would have at this point in his career. But this is the Preds and they love 3/4th line types, so they're probably not too disappointed .

I'd say he was pretty average when looking at him in the context of his performance against top talent, and didn't really seem to show as much improvement year to year as you would want to see or expect. He's a solid character guy and hard worker, so you can always use guys like that. Plus, being from ND, he's a Pete Weber guy so he's got that working for him.

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