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03-25-2010, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by drivelikejoewho View Post
Mike Christensen is a horrible ticket rep. I decided not to buy playoff tickets just because of him. This guy had the nerve to call me a fairweather fan a few years ago when I didn't renew my season seats. Yeah I'm a fairweather fan that just watched the team finish near the bottom of the standings 3 years in a row. I'll be watching from home or buy some single tickets or something. F that guy! I feel like PSP right now.
I was really pissed off when I posted this yesterday. I'm still not cool with that guy one bit but not really angry anymore. I do think I'll try and get some single game tickets though.

Basicall the guy was acting irritated by me the whole time I was talking to him. Keep in mind that I didn't even call this a-hole. He called me! I was just asking questions about the different payment options and what happens with the "Playoff Strip" money if the Kings get swept in the first round. Apparently they keep the money for you to use next year towards tickets and do not issue a refund. If that is the case, then you might as well just buy a ticket plan and "pay as they play" because your going to be out the money anyways and it is going to have to go towards tickets. It is there right to sell how they want and I didn't even question that even though I think it is a little screwy.

I inquired about getting Diehards again which he said aren't available. Then when I wouldn't buy season tickets for $25 seats because "i can't make 41 games" he said in a pretty condescending tone "why would you buy diehards then"? Well, the answer is simple. I can go to 20 games at $11 a pop and still save money over $25 tickets. I can also sell the remaining 20 games to which he sighs. That is when I asked him "what his problem was" and he said it was me. I had flashbacks of the conversation where he called me a fairweather fan, I got really angry, I said "nevermind" and hung up on him. I called back a different rep and got help but when I found out about them holding my money for the next 6 months if the Kings don't advance, I said screw it.

I'd honestly rather buy a nicer TV with that money or a nice electronic drum set I've had my eye on. If the Kings get to the later rounds, i'll fork out the money.

I'm just baffled that a salesperson would insult a customer on two different occasions. Maybe I'm not very self aware but I think I'm a pretty friendly and reasonable person. After the first incident, I asked for a new rep and he called and apologized for the incident so I gave him a second chance. This time I don't really care. I'll deal with somebody else or I buy tickets from ebay/stub hub.


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