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03-25-2010, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by woodford View Post
Someone told me that the velcro tabs are to be used in conjunction with the RBK 9K pants, hence the placement.
I saw that mentioned on modsquadhockey after starting this thread.

That does seem rather strange on Reebok's part, the number of people with that pants model, let alone reebok pants in general, is small relative to the entire ice hockey playing public, who has a choice of some 8-12 manufacturers. Why they would make the product functionally suitable for only one pants model is rather poorly thought out, IMO.

It's not as if I going to say, "ok, for a $22 pair of socks, I will ditch my very comfortable $120 Tacklas for Reebok pants".

I just sank another $20 into the socks as I'm having my local tailor add velcro on the back. If CCM or someone else eventually makes a competing product that is more functional, I would certainly look to buy it.

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