Thread: Confirmed with Link: Vancouver Canucks sign Prab Rai
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03-25-2010, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Gman3 View Post
I never said that they were sure things, I am saying that some people around here are saying that guys like Rai who get contracts have barely any or no chance of making it, which is not the case.

If a draft pick gets a contract the GM obviously thinks the player has what it takes to make the NHL, draft picks are now more valuble in the new era, so they won't be giving out contracts to them lightly.

If Gillis thought Rai wasn't that good he would have tried to trade him, or let his rights go.
I disagree with this as well. Rai getting a contract doesn't mean that Gillis thinks he's going to make it... all it means is that he has a chance to make it.

Do you really think that Gillis thought that Keller Tochkin was going to make the NHL when he gave him a contract after passing through the draft? He got a contract because the club felt he has some upside and could develop into an asset - the same is true for any other pick that gets a contract. And often times these guys get contracts because they could of some use to the organization at some level - even if they are going to be more helpful to Manitoba than they would ever be to the Canucks.

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