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03-25-2010, 12:11 PM
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Adapting to playing hockey vs. other sports

As someone new to playing ice hockey, I must say that it requires a far thicker skin, more patience, and ability to accept frustration than any other sport I've tried.

For instance, I played basketball for 20 years, and in that sport, a good player shoots about 50% from the field, and rarely - assuming they have a decent handle - gets the ball stolen from them while dribbling around people for an open jumper or to drive to the basket.

With hockey, the percentages for accomplishing anything are far lower, where even Ovechkin will score on a very low percentage of shots on goal, and have slow moving defensemen either steal the puck from him by either knocking it away or him off the puck.

In the "assessing the talent of a 7 year" thread near this one, it was mentioned that the kid in question does not get frustrated, curse or look up at the ceiling when he screws up - all things I do in spades right now as a beginner.

I knew the sport would be a challenge when I decided to give it a go a few months back, but like a hitter in baseball, you are supposed to fail most of the time at most of the things you try to do on the ice.

In BB, I reached a skill level where I could pretty much do what I wanted on the court, but in hockey, you have to expect to fail - and not get upset or despondent over it, and I have to admit that that has been a challenge so far...

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