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03-25-2010, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by CrazedZooChimp View Post
I can't see this happening. Why would the Sharks take a young goalie, especially one who hasn't played in the NHL yet, when they have their very own young goalie who just set an AHL rookie record for wins?

I would love to get Schneider, but that's because I have a friend from college who is buddies with Cory from High School. It makes no sense to me to sign someone young when it's clear that Stalock will be the starter for this team within the next few years, if he's not already to do it next year (which I'm getting the impression he might be).

If anything, I would think they sign a vet goalie who can split time with Stalock in the NHL, or cover the job for the next 1-2 years. That might actually be Nabby at a smaller contract than he has now.
Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
I agree with the first part that it makes little sense to expend assets on a young goalie when the Sharks already have a ton of young goalies and need help elsewhere.

On the latter part though I think Stalock needs another season of full-time duty as an AHL starter before I move him up. The Sharks might be loaded in net, but I'd hate for them to potentially stunt Stalock's development.
I agree with you both but, as it is showing in L.A., you can never have enough goaltending. Major point via Nemesis, Stalock isn't NHL ready yet wherein the others we could pursue are. Plus the largest factor in all this is the dollar savings. We all know we have much to sign up front this summer so, if we can save quite a bit via this route, i'd be all for it. As well, every season with Naby we go into the playoffs so unsure of what we will get and, for the past few seasons we didn't get much. So, why not attempt this route?

Thus, if we do sign Bernier or Schneider or another, when Stalock comes up, he'd be perfect to share time with them and compete ( in no less than a couple years of course ). Not a guarantee Stalock is going to step in and be a starter right away.

This will as well give us another season to evaluate Greiss a whole lot more as, with this type of move, we'd be sure he'd get more playtime. Unlike he will behind Naby.

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