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03-25-2010, 02:27 PM
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Joined an adult beginner's league. Everybody on my team is new to hockey, and while we're playing other D-league teams, they've all been together several years, while we've been together 8 weeks.

So far we've lost 1-10, 7-10 (the other team wasn't trying and played the game with 5 skaters and no goalie, they even had a few own goals to help us) 1-9, and 2-11

Had a few beers with one of the other teams and they said their first year they not only lost all their games, but were outscored 250 - 15

We've all been walking for 30-40 years. Most of us on the team I'm on have only been skating for about 6 months. Playing any other sport, be it Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, etc, you already know the method of movement for the sport; running/walking. So combine all the other things you need to know to play hockey, from the stickwork, to the positioning, and add in the need to learn how to skate, and it becomes very tough indeed.

Some days it feels like putting a 15 year old without a driver's license behind the wheel in a Nascar race.

The key is remembering the positive, and forgetting the rest. Remembering the good poke check, or the clean pass to set up a teammate (even if he didn't score) the good shot block (so what if it was because I tripped, I still blocked the shot ) managing a couple backwards crossovers, hitting the goalie with the shot (instead of it being wide) etc.

Hockey is not something you can pick up as an adult if you're hard on yourself. Take it easy, and have fun. I used to think "Oh I'll learn to skate (like it would take a week to learn) play a few games, and then I'll be good." I had 2 lessons a week, and was going to 3 other open skates a week. So, on the ice 5 days a week, and was disappointed at my apparent lack of progress. Everybody was telling me I was picking it up very quickly, but the more I learned, the more I realized I still needed to learn and that did become frustrating.

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