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Originally Posted by kirsi View Post
what do you guys do when you go to open skates so often? i go and try to work on things like crossovers, but i just can't seem to do more than one in a row..., so i wonder what a beginner's practice routine might look like. sometimes i feel like i am not improving, but i know i am, considering i can now skate around and stuff instead of just falling over when i get on the ice
well for someone trying to improve crossover, you should start first one a blue or red line, lift your left skate over your right, drag your right foot back into place... and repeat process till your on the other half of the rink. do it again to the left side.

once you can do that without stumbling and going straight across the line, move onto the circles, and try to do crosscuts around the circles. if your going counter clockwise, which most people find easier.. just remember to be pushing hard with your right foot, then cross that foot over your left foot, then step forward. It's important that you are pushing out to the side and you can feel yourself gaining speed from each push with your right foot. your left foot should be doing nothing more than keeping you straight on the circle.

try to keep on the circles, and don't get frustrated. try to do the proper technique and it will only get easier.

also, don't be afraid to skate backwards... unless there is just a **** tonne of ppl out there.

When I go to public skates... which i only went to one this year because id been off skates for a year and a half, is basically zip around the rink weaving in and out of people skating like slow pokes haha. it can be a pretty good workout and a lot of fun actually.

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