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Originally Posted by Hecantscorefromthere View Post
You don't need special tongues and it wont mess up your skates. All you have to do is whenever youre not wearing the skates have them laced up fairly tightly to whichever eyelet you lace up to and fold the tongue down so that it's pushed against the laces. however you keep it there is up to you, whether you want to tie the laces over it like that, tape it, or just lean the skate down on it, its up to you. Just do that whenever youre not wearing them and they will be folded down like that. It also helps if when you play, you push your shin pad down onto the folded tongue as to keep it folded while youre playing.
all that work so your tongues stick out? NHL pros do have modified tongues

you do need special tongues like nhlers have... which are longer, in order to do this + have proper support in your skates. folding the crap out of the tongue on your skates will do nothing but wear out the tongue, and eventually make you need to get new skates sooner.

only people who do this are people who want to look diff, but unless you have an ultra large tongue, your much better to keep your skates tied normally !!

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