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Originally Posted by kirsi View Post
what do you guys do when you go to open skates so often? i go and try to work on things like crossovers, but i just can't seem to do more than one in a row..., so i wonder what a beginner's practice routine might look like. sometimes i feel like i am not improving, but i know i am, considering i can now skate around and stuff instead of just falling over when i get on the ice
I'm just learning how to skate, been out there to public skate 4 or 5 times a week for maybe a month now. I generally end up focusing on a particular aspect or two of skating and just working on it the whole skate time (mix it up some so it's not monotonous). Say you want to learn crossovers, just dedicate most of one session to trying to get it down. Sometimes it never clicks on your own and in that case you can find an iceguard or a friendly looking skater (who looks like they know how to do it) and ask for a tip or two to get you started. Some people will even be kind enough to help you out throughout the session. Work on the simple things first until they're easy, then move up. Practice, practice, practice. And don't be afraid to ask for tips.

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