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02-10-2005, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Army

That's why I brought up this thread. If Ballard still owned the Leafs, we'd probably be in the same position.

We'd be a relatively small market, with a low payroll a bad team and Ballard would likely be the first owner to stand up and say we need a new system.

We need progressive thinking owners leading the way. Not backwards thinking ones.

There are three major factors affecting Calgary and Edmonton that have nothing to do with the CBA.

1. The Canadian dollar. I know it's getting stronger, but it still puts Canadian teams at a disadvantage right off the bat.

2. Population. Even though hockey is the number one sport in Alberta, they still don't have the population base to create a huge market. Compare the populations of Alberta (two teams) and Ohio (one team) and you'll see the problem this creates.

3. Ownership. There are very few Wal-Mart, Disney, AOL, Comcast etc... type corporations in Canada to pour money into teams. As a result, Edmonton has an ownership team of something like 30 separate individuals. And I believe Calgary's in a similar situation. Even the Canadiens are owned by an American.

The American NHL owners should recognize they need these teams in Canada and have some sort of significant support system for them in order to level the playing field.

Unlike what Bettman will try and have you believe, that has nothing to do with the CBA.

A bad market is one that can't support a hockey team.
Bettman sais with this proposal he wants to make it so that all 30 teams survive and have equal chances to suceed. I think he should put something in the new contract that would share revenue's with the Canadian teams that would balance out the difference in the Canadian and US dollar. The owners want to fix their over spending problems by using the players as scape goats. They really should be considering large revenue sharing amung ownersif they want a healthy 30 team league.

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