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03-25-2010, 09:13 PM
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I'd recommend getting a cheap pair of skates since your starting off and since your a college student you won't be able to spend much money. You can get some decent bauers,RBK's, Easton and CCM skates from 99-300.
Also you should try to get in some free skates, don't worry if your bad at skating 80% of the people there will be. Also skating/hockey lessons in general will benefit (if you have the time). Also go into your LHS (local hockey shop/store) and try on some gear, look around and see what brands and fits you like. I wouldn't recommend getting everything online first time playing, you won't know what will fit you or be comfortable.

When your comfortable try and join a league, just have fun in it. You will probably not be a great player in that league unless your a natural, But that's fine the more practice the more you will grow and develop Just find out the basics (crossovers, Stopping, Starts, Tight Turns, basic shooting and passing skills) which you can find in free guides as stated above.

Bottom line when you get in the league; Try not to get mad, will be hard but just laugh it off it's a beer league, everyone is drunk anyways they won't care

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