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09-27-2003, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by WFHACommish
Just some thoughts. Let me know what you guys think.

Comrie signs finally with EDM.


Comrie doesn't sign as everyone is predicting and his years in EDM is done. I'd say to have him sit out the entire season like Yashin.
Do like what OTT did.

Wait till draft day, trade him for the the 1 overall pick and maybe a decent DF..(hopefully young and upcoming like a Brewer was before he came over) and draft Ovechkin.

That would solve the size problem. EDM won't miss much of Comrie this year i don't think as we have so much depth at our forward posiitons and just start using guys like Torres, Rita and Stoll. If there is too much of a clog in our system, I think it hinders the development of these highly touted prospects.

A great dream, but I have a think it might take a bit more then comrie to get the last place team at the deadline to give up thier 1st pick. Everyone is expecting GREAT things from Ovechkin and I am thinking if I am the GM of the last place team at the deadline. I will hold my pick. If I REALLY wanted to give it up later I can trade it for MUCH more at the draft.

That being said I would love to see Hemsky and Ovchekin on the same line...

Now what the Oil could do is cross thier fingers and try to trade Comrie for the top pick in 2005 and get Crosby.. That might be a bit more likely, although still, all the stars would have to allign in the Oil favor and as a city we who have to commit some huge pagan rituals to as many different gods as possible to get that to happen...

But hey, a guy came dream right? Besides isn't Pouliot playing with Crosby this year? Maybe he can convince Crosby to demand to be traded to Edmonton when he is drafted... lol yeah right...

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