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03-25-2010, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Hollywood View Post
Let's see.....
has an average ice time of over 25 minutes/ game. 2nd year NHL player. Yes he's awesome but God damn it management and coaching staff he shouldn't be close to this. Doughty played over 29 minutes tonight.
He is 2nd in the league in average ice time(at forward) at 21:55/ game and today he had over 24 I believe.
Has played as a 1st year goaltender(as a 1st year more or less - at 24) the 2nd most minutes in the league.
Is anyone surprised why we are sliding into the playoffs? Our management should be completely held accountable for this especially with so much available money in the bank.
Our coaching staff should be held accountable for a lack of distribution of available assets.
I certainly hope we make it past the first round(That is all AEG and Management wants{not to mention 4th place which will allow them potentially an extra home game}
I will not be one bit surprised if we are destroyed in the first round no matter where we finish.
Quick playing again tonight? What did that accomplish but further damage his confidence?
Yes it's a loss but it means something. It doesn't matter if we win the next game or not because the same format will be used. Overplay Kopi. overplay Doughty Overplay Quick. Brutal
So if Murray doesn't put Doughty or Kopitar on ice, who else is/are enough "skilled" player to replace them?

NO ONE. All other players excel at grinding. This team lacks a speedy goalscorer and a TOP 4 defensman who can QB a powerplay as Sahara lacks water.

Out of Kings defensman, who is a offensive threat outside of Doughty? Yea, that's a problem.

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